Who We Are 


Women of Waynesville is an edgy and controversial organization committed to supporting the needs of the community. We are the only all women’s organization in Western North Carolina that functions the way we function—lots of wine and women empowerment!

REAL women raising REAL money

for REAL causes raising REAL awareness.

It all started when...

Sitting on the front porch of a local Bed & Breakfast back in the fall of 2011.

REWIND : Michelle Briggs and Nikki White's paths in life crossed over work related endeavors and grew close very quickly. It wasn't long into this new friendship that both ladies knew it was a forever friendship. 

FORWARD:  It was during an event that Michelle was hosting at her then, business and B&B, that Nikki became frustrated and empowered all at one time. Bottles of red wine were opened, conversations and laughter were poured heavier with each glass. It was during this time that WOW was born. 

THREE DAYS LATER: Nikki had 6 women naked in her front yard directing the first ever WOW Calendar. 

SINCE 2011 - WOW has grown and shifted and become a true pillar in the Haywood County community. WOW has helped raised more than $200,000 by uniting with women on our community as well as other non-profits in Haywood County. 


WOW is made up of women from all walks of the Universe. From aged 25 to 77, from other countries and states to born and raised in Haywood County, from hippies to those of us too young to know what a true hippie really is. We have cancer survivors, abuse survivors, relationship seekers, women that enjoy a good one night stand and women that have been married for longer than they would like to remember. We have lesbians and artists and introverts and musicians and comedians and quiet observers and overly loud speakers and opinionated to the 10th degree and lovers and romantics and huggers and thinkers and writers and recovering addicts
WOW is a “congregation of women” that has developed organically and via the women that have come into WOW. As an organization, we have learned that every woman has a place inside of our group.

And There’s More… 

In addition to being an all women’s organization, WOW has also become a platform for new relationships to be found. As women, and as we get older or perhaps have moved to Haywood County recently, it’s not the easiest thing to make new friends. WOW has become such an incredibly powerful place that many women have come and now have friends for life. We are a very close and intimate organization and we thrive on knowing one another, at a pace that is comfortable for everyone. We are truly like a sisterhood and a support system for one another, we enjoy socializing and celebrating life and all it’s beauty and cruelties. With this being said, and as with any relationship, you get what you put in. 

We Are Women. We Are Who We Are. That Is All That We Are.