What our Members Say about WOW 




Christine Sievers

“As a member of WOW, I not only am able to provide support to the community, but also know that the members of WOW are there for me. Add the fact that we have a lot of fun together, and it is an amazing group of women!"                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                      ~ Christine Sievers, Current WOW Member

Women of Waynesville Jessi Stone
Women of Waynesville, Michelle Jacobs

Jessi Stone

I finally joined WOW after watching these incredible women from afar for more than a year. They work hard, play hard and they love hard. I knew I wanted to be a part of the organization when I saw the incredible work they were doing to meet the many needs in this community. It is inspiring to see so many women - all ages, backgrounds and personalities - working toward a common goal. Being a part of WOW is truly a unique experience. I can't think of any other organization that allows me to volunteer, fund-raise for so many great causes and also find friendship and encouragement from a group of women who accept me for exactly who I am. 

                                                                               ~ Jessi Stone, Current WOW Member 



Michelle Jacobs

My first experience with Women of Waynesville was as an audience member for Battle of the Charities. The amount of fun and dedication I witnesses made me want to be a part of the group. I've never had so much fun raising money and helping others. This is a great group of strong, passionate and wonderful women and I'm proud to be a part of it. 

                                                                       ~ Michelle Jacobs, Current WOW Member 


Dr. Linda Sparks

"I am one of the newest members of WOW and I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful group of women.  They made me feel like one of the bunch from the first moment I met them.  Since then I have had the privilege to volunteer for this great organization.  I am so happy to have a chance to support charities that help women and children in Haywood County."                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                     ~ Dr. Linda Sparks, Current WOW Member



Lyzzy Siesel

"Too many charities consist of stuffy fake people that seem to be in it only for themselves. I joined and absolutely love WOW because it's made up of real women in their rawest form with a fierce passion and dedication to each other and our community."                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                            ~ Lyzzy Siesel, Current WOW Member


Kristen Dellivenir

"The women in this group are feisty and scrappy, they're go-getters. They don't take 'no' for an answer. They believe in value and purpose. It's hard to be around women like this and not feel empowered to take over the world. 

                                                                     ~ Kristen Delliveniri, Former WOW Member 



Starr Hogan

"WOW is an outta-the-box organization working to support the community & each others growth thru fun fundraising and other creative means. It is not however, for the "faint of heart." 

                                                                             ~ Starr Hogan, Former WOW Member 



Jeannie Tracey

"I have found WOW to be a group of diverse women from varied backgrounds and professions, all intent on providing a network of support, not only for our Haywood County community, but also for each other. "                                                                                     

                                                                          ~Jeannie Tracey, Current WOW Member


Sherry Via

"I came to WOW at a fragile, difficult time for me.  My husband of 45 years had just died unexpectedly a few months before my first visit to WOW.  I am so happy to have this wonderful support group around me and for giving me an opportunity to give of myself to others and to share with my new sisters."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Sherry Via, Current WOW Member


Michelle Briggs

"To me, it's incredible to see what we've created in such a short amount of time. When you look out there, every single on of those women wants to be a part of this organization known as WOW because we do immense things for the county and these women get more than they ever thought they would out of being a part of us." 

                       ~ Michelle Briggs, Vice President and Co-Founder of WOW since 2011