This woman's reaction to our calendar was PRICELESS. We loved how her male sidekick often tried looking, but in the end, knew better.

The fundraiser of all fundraisers. This is what we are known for in our community.

Since our inception, we have worked hard to devise edgy and creative ways to raise funds for our charities. Our crowning achievement, the annual Naked Calendar, embodies our commitment to the empowerment of women and the betterment of our community.



A new theme and a new photographer. Each calendar is composed of our existing WOW members. There's nothing more beautiful in our eyes than the raw, natural beauty of                                                                                                                 each and every woman existing today. What's so awe-inspiring
about our annual calendars is the women that they attract every year.


Watch real reactions from real people over our WOW Naked Calendar. This is what we live for every year!


Are the final shots of very long, time consuming and at times, overwhelming and stressful photo shoots. Due to the fact that we ARE ALL WOMEN, and not models, just REAL WOMEN, there is some very raw and true emotion that comes through during these shoots.


That we wake up and look at our bodies. To then look at ourselves with positive conviction is truly sometimes the most difficult thing to do; especially with societies rule of being a certain size and weight. During these photo shoots, please do not think for a second that some of us did not required enormous amounts of alcohol and encouragement. For some, it was a true struggle, which led to complete empowerment of themselves when all said and done. For others... well, some of my ladies just show up NAKED!