WOW is the only all women's non-profit organization in Western North Carolina that raises money on their own and gives it away to other non-profits. Here are some of the non-profits that we have embraced over the years. Since the beginning, WOW has raised in partnership with these other non-profits more than $106,000. WOW has exclusively raised more $50,000 of that on our own. 



WOW has donated funds to REACH on several occasions since 2012. REACH was the charity that WOW chose to receive the funds raised from the first ever WOW nude calendar. CLICK to learn more about REACH. 



WOW has acted as the chair and co-chair of the Power of Pink since 2014. This event requires months and months of planning and meetings and working diligently every year to raise more awareness and money for the cause. Since WOW became active with this organization and annual event, The Power of Pink Foundation has raised more than $60,000 for this cause. Click HERE to learn more. 



Every year, WOW is asked to volunteer for this wonderful event. It is one of the most laid back and fun things we do all year long and it truly brings us joy that The Main Street Mile continues to ask us back to be the WOMEN ON DECK during this event. CLICK here for more information about the Main Street Mile. 


WOW put together a corn hole tournament and fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC. It was a ton of fun and we loved being able to support this incredible organization. WOW has also supported BCBS in their annual bowling fundraiser. CLICK to earn more about BCBS of WNC  



WOW assists the Haywood Healthcare Foundation through the Power of Pink Foundation. The Haywood Healthcare Foundation is a large pillar in Haywood County and is a hugely trusted and relied upon non-profit assisting with an array of needs in our community. CLICK to learn more about the Haywood Healthcare Foundation. 


WOW was more than excited to be able to give $4000 to the Pigeon Community Multi-cultural Center in Waynesville. The Pigeon Center is a non-profit organization offering community based services in Haywood County. CLICK here to learn more about this incredible organization. 




WOW was happy to create our first ever MOM's Music Festival with the intent of raising money for KARE. This non-profit sees the worst of the worst and works daily to save children's lives. CLICK here to learn more about KARE.



WOW was proud to present more than $10,000 to our local Haywood County Meals on Wheels program. We gave them $9,700 in 2014 and an additional $1000 in 2015 for their efforts. If you are 60 yrs or older, disabled or elderly and cannot prepare meals for yourself, get in touch with Meals on Wheels by CLICKING here to learn more. People under the age of 60 can also qualify. 



WOW got to participate in the 2016 Mardi Gras Fundraiser and performed as ABBA. We wore shiny shimmering jumpsuits, big hair and make-up and raised more than $5,000 for this charity. CLICK here to learn more about the Haywood County School Foundation. 

And then there are our WOW STEALTH MISSIONS.....

Women of Waynesville, Stealth Mission, Nikki White

WOW STEALTH MISSIONS are a large part of what WOW does on the down low. We accomplish these missions with our own money, and often at times, by donation our own belongings. A Stealth Mission happens when someone in the community reaches out to WOW for a very particular and/or urgent need. Food, clothing, housing, etc. When a Stealth Mission is called into play and the Board of Directors agree that the urgency qualifies for a Stealth Mission, a member wide email goes out to all WOW Members stating the need and what we are recommending as far as supplies needed.

We have had several SUV's loaded to the gills, we have given away heaters to those without, we have facilitated a local rest home with new sheets and blankets and stuffed animals and sanitary products and slippers and more. We have provided everything a family could ever need on a few occasions, from shower curtains to pots and pans and dog food. 

These STEALTH MISSIONS are just one of the many things that sets WOW apart from any other non-profit organization and we are so blessed to have the abilities and the resources to do what we do. 

Do you know of someone in need? A woman in Haywood County or children in our community? Stealth Missions guarantee keeping your information private and the people or person you know that is in need will never know how WOW came into learning of their needs. If you want WOW to look into creating a STEALTH MISSION for someone you know, drop us a lone here.