Women of Waynesville is an edgy and controversial organization committed to supporting the needs of the community. We are the only all women’s organizations in Western North Carolina that functions the way we function—lots of wine and women empowerment!

REAL women raising REAL money

for REAL causes raising REAL awareness. 



"Too many charities consist of stuffy fake people that seem to be in it only for themselves. I joined and absolutely love WOW because it's made up of real women in their rawest form with a fierce passion and dedication to each other and our community."                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Lyzzy Siesel, WOW Member since 2015

Who We Are.

WOW is made up of women from all walks of the Universe. 
From aged 23 to 77, from other countries and states to born and raised in Haywood County, from hippies to those of us too young to know what a true hippie really is. We have cancer survivors, abuse survivors, relationship seekers, women that enjoy a good one night stand and women that have been married for longer than they would like to remember. We have lesbians and artists and introverts and musicians and comedians and quiet observers and overly loud speakers and opinionated to the 10th degree and lovers and romantics and huggers and thinkers and writers and recovering addicts
WOW is acongregation of women” that has developed organically and via the women that have come into WOW. As an organization, we have learned that every woman has a place inside of our group.

And There’s More… 

In addition to being an all women’s organization, WOW has also become a platform for new relationships to be found. As women, and as we get older or perhaps have moved to Haywood County recently, it’s not the easiest thing to make new friends. WOW has become such an incredibly powerful place that many women have come and now have friends for life. We are a very close and intimate organization and we thrive on knowing one another, at a pace that is comfortable for everyone. We are truly like a sisterhood and a support system for one another, we enjoy socializing and celebrating life and all it’s beauty and cruelties.

We Are Women. We Are Who We Are. That Is All That We Are.

"The women in this group are feisty and scrappy, they're go-getters. They don't take 'no' for an answer, they make things happen. They believe in value and purpose,  it's hard to be around women like this and not feel empowered to take over the world."                                      ~ Kristen Delliveniri, WOW Member since 2015

"WOW is an outta-the-box organization working to support the community & each others growth, thru fun, fundraising, and other             creative means. It is not however, for the 'faint of heart.'"                                                                                                                                                       ~Starr Hogan, WOW Member since 2013

Watch this video to hear about what WOW means to our members.

"I have found WOW to be a group of diverse women from varied backgrounds and professions, all intent on providing a network of support, not only for our Haywood County community, but also for each other. "                                                                                                   ~Jeannie Tracey, WOW Member since 2015