The Battle of the Charities is an idea that came to Nikki White, WOW Co-Founder & President, while listening to the band Journey one day on her way to a charity event. After doing more than a half dozen fundraising events since 2012, WOW had begun to create a name for themselves in the community. The Women of Waynesville had organized fundraising events in efforts of giving the money back to another local non-profit and in less than two years and being brand new to a community, raised nearly $20,000 on their own. Quite remarkable.

It was when Nikki was diagnosed with anxiety in 2013 that she realized WOW couldn't do everything on their own and raise the amount of money they were wanting to raise. "We had to figure out a way to pull in the community," Nikki shares.  So hence, with the help of a little band known as Journey, some new Anti-Anxiety medication mixed with a Rum and Coke.... The Battle of the Charities, Anti-Anxiety & Rum Tour was born. Six local bands competing for their charity of choice, all while being responsible for band meetings, band practices, selling tickets, creating their band poster and raising money for their band... the event raised over $11,000.

Check out some of the pics below from a night no one will ever forget!